Friday, January 8, 2010

Fridge of hostel AKARI





FREE for ANYONEと書かれています!(笑)




Today, I found a very interesting scenery in the fridge at our kitchen. I found FREE fried "Champon!!" Champon is one of Nagasaki speciality food, which is a bowl of noodle with fried cabbage and seafood. It is usually a soup noodle, but the one I found in the fridge today was a fried one. Champon is really tasty and many of our guests enjoy having those noodle just around the corner of the hostel.
I believe one of our guests tried Champon in the city and brought fried Champon as take out to the hostel because he/she liked it! But unfortunately, he/she did not have time to eat...? And became FREE Champon in the fridge! I think it is a scenery which you can only see in Nagasaki!

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