Friday, February 5, 2010

Nagasaki bobtailed cats -vol.2-

Here is another bobtailed cat I saw this morning.

Nagasaki is a very hilly city. Only small part of the central area is a flat land, and the city is surrounded by many small mountains. A lot of houses are built on the slope of the mountains and those scenery is the typical Nagasaki landscape.
So, there are lots of slopes and steps in the city. And many of them are only for pedestrians, so cars cannot enter those narrow streets. (There are another car roads going up the mountain) Maybe that's one of the reasons why there are lots of cats in the city. They are safe and easy to breed in Nagasaki. One friend of mine told me that the reason why there are lots of "Bobtailed cats" in Nagasaki is that because there are lots of steps and slopes, their tails wear short during over a long period of history. Can you believe it?!

These bobtailed cats were at the narrow street on the mountain just behind our hostel. If you go up that small mountain, you can also see a nice view of the whole Nagasaki city.

When I saw these cats, and stopped to take a picture, they just came near and allowed me to pet. Maybe they were really hungry and expected me to give them some food.



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