Friday, April 30, 2010


Last Sunday, I went to Unzen city, where is rich in great nature. There are several trekking courses there. Firstly, we went to Mt. Kinugasa where has 2hours light trekking course. Of course they also have tough trekking ones too. From top of Mt. Kinugasa, we could see nice view of whole Unzen city. It was sooo good!! The weather is good, scenery is good too:) After that, went up to Nita pass, half way up to Mt, Fugen, Mt. Myoken and Mt. Kunimi. from there, the view of Shimabara peninsula and a part of Mt. Aso in far far away. After that, down to Unzen and took hot spring bath. What I really love is to have an ice cream after Onsen!! Yummy yummy!!


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