Saturday, July 6, 2013

Caution! Snakes!






We had a short trip during lunch break the other day.

The destination was a mysterious place that has fountain and statue of Maria where is located in north side of Nagasaki.

One of our staff came across another fountain place a week ago and he told us about it.
Then we found out that there are few more places that look like what he saw.
(We also found out that original one is located near the border of France and Spain.
Then a priest in Nagasaki imitated and made places that look like the original one.)

We decided to go to the place.
Only few people know about the place so we didn't have much information.
We climbed up the mountain but couldn't find it.
That was a wrong mountain. 
We were afraid that a snake shows up while climbing down.

We will give it a try again someday.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013





Hi, I'm Sou.
We got postcards and a news paper from our guests who stayed here in April.
They are couple and one of them is a news reporter.
What I saw in the news paper was the couple smiling in the previous Holland village where I told them how to go.
The village went bankrupt few years ago and is already abandoned. 
Almost nobody want to go.
When I showed them how to go there, I was like "Why do they want to go to such a place?"
It turned out holland village was modeled after their city called "Hoorn"
Besides he is a reporter, it was a good source of his article.
He didn't tell me he was a reporter so I was surprised when I saw this article.
I like the way he left without saying he would make an article about it.

If you are from Hoorn, maybe it's worth going? Umm,, I can't guarantee.