Wednesday, July 3, 2013





Hi, I'm Sou.
We got postcards and a news paper from our guests who stayed here in April.
They are couple and one of them is a news reporter.
What I saw in the news paper was the couple smiling in the previous Holland village where I told them how to go.
The village went bankrupt few years ago and is already abandoned. 
Almost nobody want to go.
When I showed them how to go there, I was like "Why do they want to go to such a place?"
It turned out holland village was modeled after their city called "Hoorn"
Besides he is a reporter, it was a good source of his article.
He didn't tell me he was a reporter so I was surprised when I saw this article.
I like the way he left without saying he would make an article about it.

If you are from Hoorn, maybe it's worth going? Umm,, I can't guarantee.

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